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Web DevelopmentFrontend

We develop responsive, maintainable, fast and cutting-edge Frontend Experiences for the modern Web. To achieve these standards we make use of a broad spectrum of modern web technologies like Pug (HTML), SASS (+BEM), AngularJS, jQuery and professional workflow- & version-control tools like NPM, Gulp and Git.

App DevelopmentNative Mobile Apps

We code native & fluid mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows using the popular Ionic Framework and its vast library of native PlugIns. This ensures great compatibility with OS native User Experience features and habits. All while maintaining the app through one codebase. From whiteboard to appstore - one seamless process.

Serverless & ServersideBackend

We build Content Management Systems, serverside Software as well as Plugins & Themes for WordPress. We develop both classic solutions using PHP & mySQL and Progressive Web-Apps, SPAs and hybrid Apps using Realtime DB Systems like Firebase and MVC architecture style frameworks like AngularJS and Ionic.


Performance and the modern web go hand in hand. To create products that perform well on a multitude of devices & network conditions and thus enhance user experience, are standard work practice for us. Lightning fast above-the-fold loading, performance oriented workflow, GZIP- and CDN-Distribution of content are just some enhancements we implement.

Conception & DesignScreendesign

We design clean, sophisticated and friendly user interfaces and build interactive prototypes using state-of-the-art design tools. By doing iterativ design, we keep the customer in the loop throughout the design process, so feedback can be discussed and implemented on a regular basis.

Conception & DesignPrintdesign

From concept to final print, we design digital and analog print products like posters, flyers, business cards and magazines. For that we use industry standard desktop publishing and typesetting software. To guarantee the best possible print quality, we directly hand over the files to the printing company.


Ionic Framework & REST-APIongoing since 02/2019German National Parks App

On behalf of EUROPARC Germany e.V., the umbrella organization for the German National Parks, a hybrid app for iOS and Android is being developed. This brings all national parks, biosphere reserves, nature parks and wilderness areas of Germany to mobile devices. With up-to-date UX and elements of gamification, a modern, beautiful, personalized and fast user experience is created for every mobile device. One goal is to engage more young people around the topic "National Natural Landscapes" and make it more tangible and finally to inspire to take action. The app is connected via a REST API to the existing WordPress backend. The release is scheduled for February 2020.

Frontend, Design, Performance & Workflow02/2018Interhome

Interhome offer more than 34k quality-tested vacation-homes online. Working with the Interchalet Team in Freiburg, Jonathan significantly contributed to the new and responsive Website, which was designed and developed implementing SCRUM and iterativ improvements.

Design, Development & SEO02/2017Messmer Pen Careers

For the Messmer Pen GmbH in Emmendingen Jonathan designed & developed a new and responsive career website with WordPress CMS-Implementation. For that, a custom theme was developed. Employees can now easily edit and create new content.

Design & Development04/2017Tariffuxx.de

The German market leader in B2B-Services for tariff comparisons in the communications sector requested a reworked CI, unified and overhauled online design (B2B & B2C) as well as matching print products for a fresh new appearance across multiple digital and analog channels.

Design2016 bis 2017Profi-Homepage

For the Constance Agency Profi-Homepage of the Mediafavoriten GmbH in the south of Germany a selection of different Screendesigns have been crafted to serve their need to react quickly to new webdesign assignments coming from different industry sectors.

Design & Development08/2016Oculus for Travel

During a university course for online design and conception, this interactive prototype was designed and coded in team of two. Complete with a real use-case and call-to-action. The workflow was quick and efficient.

Research, Design & Development02/2017Realtime Chat App

To accompany the research done in Jonathan's bachelors thesis, we developed and designed the modern hybrid Chat-App 'Hallo' using AngularJS 1.x and Google Firebase. This offered significant insights into the performance advantages and drawbacks of current web technologies.

Research, Design & Development01/2016Social Network: Tandem

The failed startup. The idea: A social network to find people that share similar hobbies & interests and would possibly make good new friends or acquaintances. Perfect e.g. for people who moved to a new area and are having a tough time finding new friends. How it went?

UX & Design06/2016UX Design Project

During the uni course "Ambient Media" at the Furtwangen University, the app-concept "Röntgen" was created. The goal was to create unobtrusive and intuitive UI. Some results can be found here:

Sophisticated. Minimalist. Perfection.10/2017Art of Magellan

The Design Language developed for our 'Magellan Code & Design Consulting' Brand & Portfolio Website represents our sophisticated, minimalist and ambitious approach. Whether that's Coding, Designing or Consulting, our Brand & Portfolio represent us, and convey to our Clients a powerful first impression.

Print Design11/2016Recipe Template

During a Uni. Typography course, this recipe template design was created. The goal was to explain how to quickly prepare a difficult and exotic recipe through the utilization of good print design and typography. This design was done using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

Print Design01/2017Course Poster

This poster was designed to guide visitors of the Furtwangen University's media-exhibition event ''Tag der Medien'' towards all the design work done in a Typography course over one semester.

Print Design12/2016Book Cover

During a Uni. Typography course, this book cover was designed. The lettering "Roadtrip" was done using calligraphy, then covered with glue and dirt. This design was done using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Print Design11/2016 & 07/2018Flyer

This flyer was designed for the jewish educational center in Emmendingen, Germany. It informed readers of the upcoming series of educational lectures and events. This flyer was prepared in Adobe InDesign.

jQuery Plugin01/2018Unslider Lazyload & Thumbnails

Extends unslider.js with lazyloading functionality, enables sourceset usage and introduces Thumbnails. Fully opensource and extendable. Powers websites that are used by thousands every month.

Additional Projects

Contract Mediation - 2018Connys Hundekeksmanufaktur
Contract Mediation - 2017Music Society Buchholz
WordPress - 2017Bies Büdie 05 E.V.
WordPress - 2017Juristische Studiengesell. KA
WordPress & Theme - 2016MSK - Premium Snow Tech.
WordPress - 2015Jew. Museum Emmendingen
HTML5 & CSS3 - 2015B.E.S.T. Office Services
WordPress - 2014Basic School Windenreute
HTML5 & CSS3 - 2013Holiday Home Gutjahr
InfographicGoogle My Business

About us

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Jonathan ArbelyFreelance Developer & Designer

„Make overachieving a habit.“

Since 2013, I'm actively working as a freelance Full-Stack Web & App Developer & Designer. I've worked with different clients coming from a broad range of industries on an array of challenging and interesting projects. As a web enthusiast, I'm constantly developing myself and like delving into topics related to development, design and best practices as well as trying out new things. My goal is to attain and keep a deep understanding of the technologies that power our digitized online world.

Bachelor of Science at the Faculty of „Digital Media“ at Furtwangen University.

[email protected]
Valeria RaffaFreelance Developer

„Clean code is great UX“

Since 2017, I'm working as a Web & App Developer and UX pro. I specialize in Vue.js, the Ionic Framework and Java applications and have previously done projects for the well known German BOSCH corporation. Additionally, I like to enhance software by doing User Experience research and testing and have optimized a few of the successful projects we have done in the past, which are used by thousands every day. Every day is an opportunity to learn and improve. And that is the mantra we live by!

Bachelor of Science at the Faculty of „Business Information Systems“ at Furtwangen University (Feb. 2020).

[email protected]


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Posts regarding Code & Design, Design Resources and Photography (German & English)

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14.02.19 - Implementing and including a Web App Manifest is a great extension to your website or PWA. And it’s much much easier than you think!

OpinionLearning as an autodidact

21.05.18 - Whenever I see something done in an impressive and efficient way, it immediately sparks my will to learn that particular skill, whenever, wherever.

PerformanceBilder automatisch Komprimieren

24.12.17 - Einer der einfachsten Wege, eine Website in der Ladezeit performanter zu machen, liegt in der Reduzierung der Dateigrößen aller verwendeten Pixelbilder.

WallpaperNew Year in Paris

29.10.17 - The first Wallpaper-Collection by Magellan: “New Year in Paris”. Moments in black & white. All images were taken between the last days of December 2016 and the first days of 2017 in Paris, France.


What Companies think about my work

Ingo Just - Founder & CEO10/2017Tariffuxx.de

Together with Magellan, we planned and realized our first web relaunch. Over a period of 5 months a good cooperation developed through transparent working methods, active exchange and using modern project tools. From concept to finished code we always had enough influence on the development. Changes and suggestions for improvement were quickly taken into account and successfully implemented. We liked the close cooperation and are extremely satisfied with the result. Especially the finished responsive design has kept what it promised. (Translated from German)

Product Team04/2019Unsplash.com

Jonathan has outlined an issue for our team on how we can significantly improve load times and save data for our users when they're interacting with pictures on our search-results page. Thank you so much for this feedback!

Diana Markulin - Sales & Graphics Manager09/2017messmer-karriere.de

Mr. Arbely has fully fulfilled our vision for a modern career website. The direct and uncomplicated communication, whether by phone, by mail or even by WhatsApp, was very much appreciated. The implementation of small additions through the WordPress CMS is easy and thus enhances our candidate acquisition. (Translated from German)

Dr. Bettina Brückner - Chairwoman of the Legal Study Society Karlsruhe09/2017jsg-karlsruhe.de

Mr. Arbely designed and set up the homepage for our society within a very short time of a few weeks. He has fully implemented our wishes regarding the design and the structure of the content; the cooperation and communication was smooth. The homepage is very easy to use and user-friendly was met with much praise and encouragement. We are extremely satisfied with this cooperation! (Translated from German)

Peter Kranz, Head of IT Inter Chalet Freiburg / CIO Holiday Home Division04/2018interhome.at

Magellan Code & Design Consulting supported the Inter Chalet Ferienhausgesellschaft mbH and Interhome AG in the web development of the new Interhome websites. Here, Mr. Arbely was instrumental in the design and implementation from the start, where he designed the home-, detail- and searchresult-page and made an essential contribution to the successful implementation of the project due to his permanent search for improvements (e.g. performance wise). Our front-end workflow could be adapted and optimized according to the recommendations made. We have benefited greatly from the extensive knowledge of the workflow with Gulp.js by Mr. Arbely. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the excellent and successful cooperation. We were very satisfied with the cooperation and the result.